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Flaunt, the UK's coolest, personalized luxury furniture brand, unashamedly allows you to change your style as often as your mind. Flaunt uses interchangeable panels in a myriad of colours and materials, keeping you constantly at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Whether you are a hip home owner, diva designer or an audacious builder, together with flaunt's design team, we create spaces that are exquisitely unique for you.

Flaunt – Changing the Face of Design!


The Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine's Idea House, La Casa Verde in San Francisco, is also the greenest home developed by Sunset. At the time of construction the greenest home in the country per LEED standards. Steve Livingston of flauntuk was honoured to be selected as the sole designer for the built-in cabinetry throughout this project.

The kitchen is featured in this link.