What is Flaunt?

Flaunt, the innovator in a furniture revolution! Flaunt removes the barriers between the manufacturer and you, the customer, allowing your aesthetic identity to be fully realized through your choice of cabinet finish. Flaunt understands that style and taste constantly change and evolve and so, using flaunt unique patented frame and panel design; the client can continually change and upgrade their panels to continue full personalization of your cabinets. Flaunt is devoted to providing high quality design along with state of the art fabrication to provide clients with an exceptional design experience.

Flaunt philosophy believes your space should be planned holistically, based on the architecture of the room, and reflect your living style and taste using a unique variety of exquisite materials and colour options, linking into today's fashion trends. Working together, flaunt creates an environment that is both inviting and logically laid-out. To this end flaunt invites you to explore the connection between your living area, style, aesthetics and technology and in a whole new dynamic way.



Steve Livingston is at the cutting edge of furniture design and is an active personality in the interior design industry. With a special focus on contemporary high end design, each project is painstakingly crafted to reflect the ultimate expression of the client's personality. Clients' feedback on the finished results have ranged from speechless, to one who had a religious experience!  Steve has enjoyed the privilege of working with clients ranging from wild dot comers, to full on movie and rock stars. Honoured as visionary by Interior Design Magazine and featured in the New York Times, Steve brings passion and a contagious energy to all his projects. Flaunt is the distillation of his industry experience where solutions and challenges exist in many areas of the furniture industry.  Flaunt's ethos is to demystify and create transparency in the design and creative process for total client inclusion, where their aesthetic expectations are fully realised and exceeded.


Editorial Coverage


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Awards and Recognitions


  • Keynote speaker, Kitchen "Master Class" Conference, New York 2004 (co-sponsored by Luxury Kitchens Magazine (UK) and National Kitchen & Bath Association; other speakers included Paulo Pininfarina, from Ferrari design team Pininfarina, and Johnny Grey)
  • Keynote speaker, Luxury Kitchen & Bath Conference, San Francisco, 2002 ("Avoiding Big but Boring" in high-end kitchen design)
  • Gae Aulenti Award from the American Institute of Architects, Best in Contemporary Kitchen Design, Los Angeles, 2001 (award presented personally by Gae Aulenti, the Italian architect best known for the Musee D'Orsay in Paris and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco)
  • Project featured in Sunset Books publication The Green Home: A Sunset Design Guide (front cover)








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