Flaunt -The Inner Genius 

Flaunt cabinets make a smart option for kitchens, bathrooms, wall storage, room dividers, home office, utility rooms, in fact anywhere you need storage.

Flaunt's unique, proprietary frame technology provides a support structure for the front face of the cabinetry. Completely hidden once installed, this frame allows you to quickly and easily change the front face panels, leaving the door itself in place and eliminating the need to detach hinges and hardware.

It's hard to believe you can change the entire look of your cabinets in an afternoon, but with flaunt systems, you can. Watch how dramatically these kitchens change with the simple addition of new cabinet face fronts.

Flaunt in your home allows you to

  • be kind to the environment. Flaunt cabinets are made from environmentally friendly materials, decrease waste due to remodelling, and shipped in recyclable packaging.
  • choose from an incredible range of colours, materials, and finishes. We can even add custom graphic imagery to cabinet fronts,
  • increase the life of your investment. With flaunt, you or a future owner can update the appearance of your cabinets without remodelling.
  • completely change the look of your home... in less than a day!

How to Order for your Home