Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How long does it take to produce my cabinets?
A – Your furniture is custom made for you. The production time is contingent on the front finish chosen and can take between 5 and 14 weeks.
Your designer will confirm a production schedule that works for you.

Q- Does flaunt make traditional cabinetry?
A – No.  Flaunt's specialty is in modern through super contemporary cabinetry using very different fabrication techniques than traditional techniques.

Q – Does flaunt provide an interior design service?
A – Flaunt designers are interior specialists and will layout all cabinetry in your home and will help to specify all materials relating to the cabinetry. A dedicated interior designer is available at additional hourly fee for all other interior appointments.

Q - What guarantee does flaunt offer?
A – Flaunt guarantees to repair and replace, free of all charges for labour and materials, any product which develops faults due to defective materials or construction during the guarantee period. Furniture is guaranteed for 5 years.

Q – Can flaunt do any general contracting?
A – Flaunt is a provider of cabinetry only, but we are happy to suggest a local contractor.

Q – Does flaunt provide appliances and countertops?
A – No. Flaunt can recommend appliances and countertop contractors for your project.

Q – Does flaunt do any other rooms other than kitchens?
A – Yes. Flaunt will readily design bedrooms, studies, entertainment areas, bathrooms and dressing areas and kids playrooms. We will supply cabinetry to virtually every room requiring storage, even a flower arranging room!

Q – Can flaunt make special custom cabinets?
A – Every order is custom made to your requirements and our modularity choice is quite substantial, however, we can make a cabinet to any custom dimension for a small upcharge.

Q – Do you install the cabinets?
A – Flaunt have dedicated cabinet installers and prefer to install, however an experienced joiner versed in European kitchen installation will manage just fine.

Q – Are the cabinets supplied as self-assembly?
A – The cabinets are supplied made up and ready to install into your project.